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We're a couple of entrepreneurial musicians born and raised in the Twin Cities who realized a disconnect in the music creation (and broader creative content) ecosystem: 


The events and turbulence of the past few years left many of us in great need of a creative outlet. As a result, there has been rapid growth in the number of music and content creators expressing themselves through instruments and music, DJing, podcasting, etc. At the same time, there has been a marked increase in the number and ubiquity of digital tools available to those creators to make the learning, production, and distribution of content more seamless than ever. However, there has not been a corresponding increase in the accessibility and availability of the physical space and tools needed for music and other forms of creative content.

We are starting Jam Lab with the goal of making learning, practicing, playing, and creating music accessible, convenient, and affordable to musicians of all types, levels, and aspirations. Our venue will provide musicians with a communal gathering place featuring sound-treated rehearsal rooms - fully equipped with quality instruments and audio gear - for hourly rental at affordable rates.


Jam Lab will offer a highly convenient and economical option whether you are a touring band prepping for a gig, a group of casual hobbyists getting the high-school band back together, newly acquainted college students dreaming of becoming the next Aerosmith, or a solo newbie aspiring to learn the drums. Avoid the hassles of lugging your gear around, wasting hours on setup every practice, and dealing with neighbors or housemates complaining about the noise - simply show up, plug in, and play.


In addition to our rehearsal spaces, we want Jam Lab to serve as a gathering place for the Twin Cities music and creative community to come together, cultivate our shared passion, and connect with like-minded creators. Our venue will host live music, happy hours, workshops, and other social events to facilitate connection and enhance the local music community. We believe there is great value in providing a place for everyone from professionals to beginners and instrumentalists to producers and general music enthusiasts to meet, learn, and share ideas. 


We are also excited to partner with local non-profits for the use of our venue in order to provide an avenue into music for disadvantaged kids who would otherwise lack the creative learning space, physical instruments/equipment, and educational resources to pursue music as a hobby or grander ambition. Our hope is that Jam Lab can provide access to a healthy and enormously rewarding hobby, and thereby serve as the catalyst to bringing a whole new cohort of music creators into existence who otherwise may never have gotten that opportunity.


We are currently finishing securing the funding needed to move forward with finalizing the location and the details for the venue's opening. Make sure to sign up via email to get notified when we finalize our opening date, and to receive a discounted rehearsal room booking!


Let’s Jam 🤘

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