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A Gathering Place for the Twin Cities Music Community


Providing Twin Cities musicians of all skill levels with an ultra-convenient, affordable,

and hassle-free way to learn, practice, and play music together 🤘

Jam Lab will offer music practice rooms that are:

1. Rentable by the hour at affordable rates

2. Sound-treated for optimal acoustics

3. Equipped with all the audio

equipment & instruments

you need to effortlessly 

show up & jam


Add-on instruments

Odds & ends


Ready to Jam?

Our goal at Jam Lab is to remove the hassles and hurdles involved in playing music - whether solo or with a band. We hope to provide musicians of all skill levels with an ultra-convenient way to learn, practice, and create music. We also hope to build a community for you to connect, collaborate, and jam with other musicians.​

Each of our practice rooms comes fully equipped with all of the listed sound equipment and instruments, allowing you to seamlessly show up, plug in, and play without any hassle:

*Note: this is a tentative list and specific products/models are subject to change


  • Fender Passport Venue S2 PA system

  • 10-channel mixer

  • Fender Rumble LT25 bass amp

  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe guitar amp


  • Yamaha Tour Custom drum set

  • Casio WK-7600 keyboard

  • Shure SM58 vocal microphone (x2)

  • Boss GT-100 pedal


Other instruments available for rent:

  • Guitars

  • Bass guitars

  • Guitar pedals

  • Extra toms & cymbals


  • Guitar picks

  • Ear plugs

  • Guitar strings

  • Capos

  • Drum sticks

  • Cables

Let's jam. 🤘

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